"Providing Innovative Solutions for Waste Mitigation and Renewable Energy Creation through Advanced Bio-Digestion Technology"

Andigen designs & builds high rate anaerobic digester systems for organic and animal waste streams

About Us

Andigen Ag LLC provides high rate anaerobic digester systems for animal waste streams.  The unique Induced Bed Reactor(IBR) design makes it possible to reduce retention times to as low as 5 days while still maintaining excellent solids destruction levels and exceptional gas production. Our worldwide headquarters are in Logan, Utah and maintain ongoing research collaboration with [...]

IBR Systems

The IBR computerized control system monitors in real time and controls the flow and temperature of all tanks and peripheral plumbing devices. An optional service plan allows for Andigen Ag to monitor the digester using the internet. This means your Andigen Ag IBR digester can be fixed before you are aware that there is a [...]

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Andigen, LLC
1770 Research Pkwy
Suite 140
North Logan, UT 84341
435.770.6825 ph
435.787.4629 fax
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